About Bobbie

Nestled under a canopy of oak leaves beside the blue waters of Lake Norman, artist Bobbie Black creates pottery as resplendent as her surroundings. Whether functional or decorative, hand-built or wheel-thrown, Bobbie’s artistic endeavors are diverse and creative.

Choose from vases, oil lamps, bowls, and baking and serving dishes in an exquisite array of earth tones and popular home décor, hues of gold, auburn and burnt orange, deep green and rich blue. Have your dinnerware sets custom-made to your style and glaze preference. Add a traditional face jug that honors the legacy of historic Catawba Valley potters to your collection.

Beyond Bobbie’s classic creations, her artistic expression finds life in her original “Forest Angels” and “Tree Spirits”. Versatility is the essence of Bobbie’s work.

Pottery is more than a work of art, it is an experience forged from earth and artistic passion that makes each piece so special. The nature of art is to draw us into the joy of personal expression, but finding nature in art makes it come alive.